Jenny’s Home Bedroom Furniture

Jenny’s Home

As fashion and style move on so did Triang and in 1964, they launched a new range of furniture in collaboration with ‘Homes and Gardens’ magazine. This co-insided with the introduction of the ‘Jenny’s Home ‘ Room Boxes, many of them came ready furnished and could be joined together. Much of the furniture of the ‘Triang’ ‘ Spot On Range’, either changed in style or bright modern colours. Being made now completely of plastic, with the removal of the metal fittings. The packaging also changed with a move away from pink to blue, yellow, red and orange. With a smart new logo in a red and pink heart, with Jenny’s Home in the middle, and the words ‘the home that g-r-o-w-s around it. Individual items and small room sets, now on blister pack cards and room sets in plastic covered square flat boxes.

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Jenny's Home Double Bed 1008
Jenny’s Home Double Bed JH1008

The Jenny’s Home Double Bed in now in one piece.

Single bed jh2031
Jenny’s Home Single bed JH2031
Jenny's Home Single bed JH2031
Jenny’s Home Single bed JH2031

A smaller version of the double bed, the mattress and base came as one piece.  As added comfort for any doll, flocking has now been added.


Notice the change of the style of legs, moving from 4 legs to 2 solid legs.


The two-tone turquoise colour wardrobe is the first of the new range of wardrobe in the Jenny’s Home Range.  It has small plastic tags for the doors to open, as in the original Triang Range, these easily break.  The tabs were later replaced with a more substantial door fitting.

The coat hanger is an inch long across the bottom, it is so thin I am surprised it survived. These [2] would be packaged with the wardrobe, or sold separately.

The hanging rail that was in the original Triang wardrobe, and the first of the Jenny’s Home Range has now been changed to a small shelf, otherwise it is the same.

Jenny.s Home Chest Drawers JH2023
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