Triang Spot-On Garden

Triang Spot-On

Triang Spot On furniture was produced in 1960.  The style of this furniture being the late 1950’s The furniture made from moulded plastic and metal.  It was sold in individual boxes, with the ‘Triang’ and ‘Spot On’ Logos, on a pink and cream box.  The Range also included ‘Dollies Home’ introduced in 1962, which consisted mainly of room sets.  The boxes they were sold in were printed to represent the room, kitchen, bedroom etc. The ‘Triang’, ‘Spot On’ and ‘Dollies Home’ range continued until 1964.

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‘g’ garden set
‘G’ Garden Set

The box is a bit battered, and is becoming thin along the creases, but I suppose it comes to most of us with age.

Triang G Garden Set
Triang G Garden Set

The ‘G.’ Garden Set consists of a table and umbrellas [1028], hammock seat [1027], sun lounger [1118], and 2 folding stools [1030].

sun lounger 1118

These include a workbench, garden tools, flowerpots, waterbutt, wheelbarrow, garden roller, lawnmower, watering can and a trug for collecting your home-grown vegetables.



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