Triang Spot-On Dining Room


Triang Spot-On

Triang Spot On furniture was produced in 1960.  The style of this furniture being the late 1950’s The furniture made from moulded plastic and metal.  It was sold in individual boxes, with the ‘Triang’ and ‘Spot On’ Logos, on a pink and cream box.  The Range also included ‘Dollies Home’ introduced in 1962, which consisted mainly of room sets.  The boxes they were sold in were printed to represent the room, kitchen, bedroom etc. The ‘Triang’, ‘Spot On’ and ‘Dollies Home’ range continued until 1964.

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This G Plan dining table has a section in the middle, and the table slides together making it smaller. The plastic top is made to represent walnut, and has a metal black frame and legs.

These chairs come in various colours, all have metal legs. You can see from the picture above that the middle chair has thicker legs than the others, making this a later model. The moulded plastic seat is meant to represent leather. They came in various colours.


This sideboard was a reflection of furniture of the period based on G Plan range. The doors and drawers on the Sideboard open. This piece carried on into the Jenny’s range of furniture with the black frame-work changing from metal to plastic.

It is amazing that the dining room consists of just three pieces of furniture.


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