Carolines Home 1976 Catalogue

A Barton & Co. began making dolls house furniture just after the Second World War in 1945, providing employment for demobbed British soldiers.

They began making dolls house furniture under the ‘Model Home’ logo, mass producing dolls house furniture.

Barton used the name “Caroline’s Home” as a trade mark from about 1976. They produced sets of furniture in boxes and on cards enclosed with plastic. Most young girls during this time owned a dolls house, many home made from plans from Hobbys. Or they could buy the Caroline’s Home dolls house to put their furniture in.

In 1984 Barton and the Caroline’s Home brand were taken over by Lundby of Sweden. The production of the houses and furniture continued in the UK until the late 1980’s.

I don’t know much about dating this furniture, so I have just used the 1976 catalogue as a guide. I have identified some older pieces of Barton Furniture which I have listed separately.



…… Barton Toys have been producing authentic model doll house furniture for just over 30 years. This must now be the most established range being currently offered – still where possible in wood and finished in a traditional style. As with all quality furniture, seats, bed covers etc., are upholstered in material, Approx. scale 3/4″ = l’0.

Our products are now exported to more than 20 countries and trade in this area has increased significantly over the last few years.

The policy of the company is one of continuous improvement and we reserve the right to change the designs listed in this catalogue

*Contents Hong Kong …….


1.006 Upholstered 3-piece
1.007 Birdcage TV etc.
1.008 Radiogram etc.
1.009 Trimmed Bedroom
1.010 Bedroom


1.011 Garden Furniture
1.012 Bedroom
1.014 Nursery
1.014 Bathroom


1.015 Refrigerator, Cooker
1.016 Kitchen Unit, Table and Chairs
1.017 Sink, Washing Machine
1.019 Family Set



1.020 Dining Room Suite
1.021 Bedroom Suite
1.023 Twin Bed Suite
1.024 Kitchen Set



1.025 Upholstered Lounge
1.026 Bathroom Set
1.028 Windsor Lounge



2.030 Flower Boxes and Pots*
2.032 Pictures 4 asstd.
2.033 Cushions and Pouffe
2.034 Birdcage and Aquarium
2.035 Coffee Table and Telephone
2.036 Grandfather Clock, Vase
2.037 Elec. Fire and Radiator
2.038 Bear Rug and Cat
2.040 Saucepan Set
2.041 Toaster and Food Mixer –  Toaster
2.042 Dustbin and Binette


2.043 Cutlery, Bread Board
2.045 Vac Cleaner, Carpet Sweeper
2.046 Broom and Mop etc.
2.047 Iron, Board and Towel
2.048 Silver Tea Set
2.049 Cat, Kittens, Dog, Kennel
2.050 Plates Food [six]
2.051 Rocking Horse*
2.052 16 – piece Tea Set*
2.053 56 – piece Dinner/Tea Set* – Butter Dish – Salt and Pepper



2.054 Television with stand
2.055 Sideboard
2.056 Dining Table
2.057 Dining Chairs [2]
2.058 Arm Chair
2.059 Settee
2.060 Fireplace
2.061 Radiogram
2.062 Drop-side Cot
2.063 High Chair
2.064 Kitchen Units
2.065 Kitchen Chairs [2]
2.066 Kitchen Table
2.067 Kitchen Sink Unit


2.069 Auto Washing Machine
2.070 Electric Cooker [with pans]
2.071 Refrigerator
2.072 Bath and Stool
2.073 Washbasin, Towel, Airer
2.074 Toilet and Roll Holder
2.075 Divan Bed and Eiderdown
2.076 Dressing Table
2.077 Wardrobe
2.078 Chest of Drawers
2.079 ‘Caroline’ Doll with Rooted Hair*
2.080 Father and Son Dolls*
2.081 Mother and Daughter Dolls*
2.082 Organ and Stool

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