A B Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Lounge

A Barton & Co. began making dolls house furniture just after the Second World War in 1945, providing employment for demobbed British soldiers.

They began making dolls house furniture under the ‘Model Home’ logo, mass producing dolls house furniture.

Barton used the name “Caroline’s Home” as a trade mark from about 1976. They produced sets of furniture in boxes and on cards enclosed with plastic. Most young girls during this time owned a dolls house, many home made from plans from Hobbys. Or they could buy the Caroline’s Home dolls house to put their furniture in.

In 1984 Barton and the Caroline’s Home brand were taken over by Lundby of Sweden. The production of the houses and furniture continued in the UK until the late 1980’s.

I don’t much about dating this furniture, so I have just used the 1976 catalogue as a guide.

Below is a selection of my Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Bedroom Furniture, from the 1976 catalogue.

3 piece suite
Barton 3 piece Suite 1006
Barton 3 piece Suite 1006
organ and stool
Organ and Stool 2082
Organ and Stool 2082

The paper piano keys are starting to lift a bit, but still plays a good tune. The stool is also used in the bedroom set.

Radiogramme 2061
Radiogramme 2061

Perhapes Save your Kisses for Me [Brotherhood of Man] or Dancing Queen [Abba] have been played on this turntable.

television on stand
Baron TV
Television Carded Furniture 2054


I am not sure that this television appears in the 1976, as the surround and picture are different to the one shown. It looks like the stand is the same as the one used for the Kitchen Chairs.

Pictures 2032
Pictures 2032



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