AB Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Kitchen

A Barton & Co. began making dolls house furniture just after the Second World War in 1945, providing employment for demobbed British soldiers.

They began making dolls house furniture under the ‘Model Home’ logo, mass producing dolls house furniture.

Barton used the name “Caroline’s Home” as a trade mark from about 1976. They produced sets of furniture in boxes and on cards enclosed with plastic. Most young girls during this time owned a dolls house, many home made from plans from Hobbys. Or they could buy the Caroline’s Home dolls house to put their furniture in.

In 1984 Barton and the Caroline’s Home brand were taken over by Lundby of Sweden. The production of the houses and furniture continued in the UK until the late 1980’s.

I don’t much about dating this furniture, so I have just used the 1976 catalogue as a guide.

Below is a selection of my Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Bedroom Furniture, from the 1976 catalogue.

white goods

This is quite a neat little fridge and is complete, with the salad drawer at the bottom.

kitchen units

There is nothing complicated about the design of this furniture, it is solid and well made. With a good use of different colour wood, and moulded plastic.

This is a lovely kitchen when it is all put together, I have an extra Kitchen Wall Unit, with out the decorative card attached.  In the catalogue the sink is silver, but mine is white.

kitchen accessories

This is my rather tatty collection of pots, tray and meat. You can just about make out the shape of the sausage and eggs in the pan. I may just paint them, not quite the done thing I know, but they are not worth much in the state they are in.

A selection of the food which came with the fridge, I think there are two bottles, perhaps a lettuce, a chicken, a jelly and a butter pack.

On the menu tonight we have, Fish and Chips, Chop, Boiled Potatoes and cabbage, Sausage, Egg and two Red Blobs or Steak, New Potato and Peas, take your pick.

It always amazes me that these items are toys and have been played with, and yet the butter dish has its butter, and the toaster has its toast.

tables and chairs


The chair and table are not in great condition, but I am using the dining room table and chairs in the kitchen at the moment. I think the same base on the chair was used for the TV Stand.



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